Moomba Masters 2024 Rules


as of March 8 2023




All correspondence regarding these rules should be addressed to the Victorian Water Ski Association Moomba Masters 284 Barkly St ELWOOD 3184 Melbourne Australia.




The Moomba Masters Water Ski Tournament is run under the guidelines of the Current IWWF tournament rules including any changes made by the World Technical Council, the IWWF By-laws, the World Anti-Doping Code and these Moomba Tournament Rules.


Moomba Masters rules (eg. MM1.01) replace the corresponding IWWF Rules (e.g. 1.01)


In IWWF rules wherever particular words appear they are to be replaced as follows:



Tournament Council VWSA
Confederation of AAO Tournament Council Oceania Technical Chairman
Affiliated Association Nil
Country/State Skier
Team Representative Skier’s Representative
Team Captain Skier
Team Skier











Code of conduct

All participants whether they are competing, officials, supporters or volunteers are required to set a minimum standard of conduct, whether held under the auspices of   V.W.S.A event or a sanction constituent body ( W.W.A.- AWWF –IWWF)


For the purpose of dealing with any disciplinary proceedings the VWSA shall use their best endeavours to carry out investigations as it considers necessary





MM 1.01. Applicability of the Rules


As per 1.01 except that these rules apply to the Moomba Masters Tournament.


MM 1.02. Tournament Dates


The Moomba Masters shall be held every year.


MM 1.04. Interpretation of the Rules


As per rule 1.04, except in relation to MM rules, for which questions of interpretation should be directed to the Moomba Masters Committee Technical Chairman.


MM 1.08 Identifying Bibs


Delete and replace with:


Each athlete will receive a bib in the competitor bag prior to competing. It is compulsory that athletes wear this supplied bib with the sponsors brand facing outwards at all times whilst competing, whilst on the pickup boat and during interviews immediately before and after competing. Bibs are to be worn over slings in jump events. Athletes removing bibs for any of the aforementioned occasions will be subject to disciplinary action as described in rule MM 1.10. The Moomba Masters relies solely upon sponsors to finance the event, and athletes not abiding completely with the rules in relation to wearing of bibs put these sponsorships into jeopardy, and therefore put the entire event at risk.


MM 1.08 (2) Athlete Attire


The Moomba Masters Organising Committee have the right to control or prohibit advertising material used, worn, or displayed by an athlete at the site during the tournament, and in publicity associated with the tournament.


During all off-water television appearances (interviews / presentations), athletes may only wear attire (including but not limited to hats, helmets, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters) branded by official sponsors of the tournament. Athletes may hold a ski during off water television appearances with personal sponsors featured, so long as those personal sponsors do not directly conflict with Moomba Masters Event Sponsors, or unless the specific sponsor has an agreement with the Moomba Masters to allow their sponsored athletes to display their logo. Athletes will be provided with a list of Moomba Masters Event Sponsors at the Skier Briefing Session.

MM 1.08 (3) Images


The Moomba Masters Organising Committee and the City of Melbourne have the exclusive right to take photographs, motion pictures and television images of Moomba Masters athletes and have the right to unrestricted use of these images in all kinds of media for the purpose of promoting the Moomba Masters, before, during and after the event.



MM 1.10 Unsportsmanlike Conduct


Replace Rule 1.10 with the following paragraphs:


All athletes and their representatives and officials shall behave in an exemplary manner at all times before, during and after The Moomba Masters. Any Athlete (or his/her representative) or official whose conduct is deemed unsportsmanlike, or who may cause discredit to the Moomba Masters, VWSA, VWSF, AWWF, IWWF, their home country federation or the City of Melbourne, either on or off the tournament site, before, during or after the tournament may be fined and/or disqualified from all or part of the tournament including completed events as determined by the Chief Judge and by a two thirds majority vote of the appointed judges. Additionally the individual may also be subject to a fine determined by the IWWF Executive Board or the Moomba Masters appointed committee. The affected individual will be given an opportunity to present their case before a disqualification decision is made.


Unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to : wearing of non-tournament sponsor attire during interviews and presentations, not wearing competition bib whilst competing, on the pick-up boat or for dock interviews, refusing interviews, refusing to wear tournament sponsor attire during interviews and presentations, use of offensive language in public, public tantrums, not skiing to fullest potential, failure to attend required presentations, consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs prior to competing, refusing to take a drug test if required by ASDA or WADA Officials, competing under false pretenses, concealing significant injuries or health problems.


A skier disqualified in this manner would forfeit any and all prize money won for the tournament. This paragraph shall not be construed to deny or limit any individual’s legal rights. All fines shall be paid to VWSA or taken directly from the athlete’s prize money before final payment. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from future Moomba Masters Events until the fine is paid.


Disciplinary Procedure / Fine Schedule


  • Unsportsmanlike conduct – not less than $500 per incident and / or disqualification




MM 2.01.1 : Events in Moomba Masters


As per 2.01 except there will be no team event.



MM 2.02.1: Rounds in the Moomba Masters


Slalom shall consist of three rounds: One elimination round, Semi Final round and a Final round.

Jump and Trick Events shall consist of two rounds: One elimination round and a Final Round.


Additional Semi-Final rounds may be added or deleted at the Chief Judge / Moomba Masters Committee Discretion.


. All skiers invited to ski in an event must ski in the elimination round of that event.

The first (14)men and the first (10)women Slalom based on their scores in the preliminary rounds, shall be qualified to ski in the Semi-Final slalom. 



The first (8)men and the first (6)women Slalom, (8) Men and (6) Women Tricks and (8) Men and (6) Women Jump based on their scores in the Semi-Final round for Slalom and the Elimination round for Tricks and Jump, shall be qualified to ski in the final slalom, jump and tricks events. 




MM2.05: All Moomba Events Entry and Administration


As per rule 2.05 except replace the first five sentences with:-


Entry to the Moomba Masters is by invitation only. The athlete’s acceptance is required by the date noted on the invitation. An athlete’s failure to lodge his/her written acceptance on the appropriate form by this date will indicate rejection of the invitation and their invitation will be allocated to another athlete.


Seeds will be selected for the Moomba Masters and the night competition in order to maximize media coverage,




MM 3.01.1: Moomba Masters Divisions


As per 3.01


MM3.01.03 Junior Moomba Rules

Junior Moomba will run using the latest Australian Rules

With the exception that minimum start speed for slalom will be

52k for Girls

55k for Boys

Scoring will be two rounds added together

Ties will be broken with best score from round 2 if a tie still exists there will be a run off for 1st place only





MM 4.01: Entry Requirements for the Moomba Masters (including the Night Competition)


  • Moomba selection committee to be approved by the Victorian Water Ski Association Council and chaired by the V.W.S.A. Technical Chairman


  • Where a selected skier has been appointed and receives an injury a

Replacement may be added to the starting list at the discretion of the Moomba committee.



The Moomba Masters is an Invitation Only event. Athletes are required to register their interest in competing by completing the appropriate form, available on the official website, and submitting it for consideration. Athletes will be issued invitations by the Moomba Masters Selection committee following the close of registrations.


In each event the Moomba Masters Selection Committee reserves the right to invite 4 Australian Men and 2 Australian Women to compete.


The Moomba Masters Selection Committee will use the IWWF Ranking list and results at major world- level events as a guide to selection of athletes.


Moomba Entry and Seeding Rules

Moomba Entry

To decide who get invited to Moomba the Rolling Ranking List from IWWF dated 31st January 2023 will be used if a skier is not on this ranking list then we can use their score form the November Ranking list two years before Moomba (so for the 2023 Moomba the 2021 November Rank List can be used) this score will be reduced by 5% and the resulting score will be placed in the Rolling Ranking list of the 1st Tuesday in February to give the skier a ranking

This ranking will be used for entry and Seeding for the Preliminary Round



The seeding for the Preliminary round will be off entry scores these scores are either where a skier placed on the Tuesday Ranking List used or if a skier is not on the Ranking list then scores from the November Ranking List 2 years before Moomba less 5% will be used the average of the two score will be placed where it falls in the Tuesday ranking list to determine the seeding for the skier for the Preliminary round



At the discretion of the Moomba Masters Selection Committee, there may be qualifying tournaments for skiers who have not received an invitation to ski, to challenge to enter the main draw.


The Moomba Masters Committee reserves the right to offer wild card entry to the event.


The decision of the Moomba Master Selection Committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into.




MM 6.01: Chief Judge and Appointed Officials for the Moomba Masters


The Victorian Water Ski Association Council will be responsible for appointing the officials.


MM 6.02


All control over World and Moomba rules must be made by the appointed judges under the authority of the Chief Judge.




MM 6.08 Official Uniforms


Delete and replace with:


Appointed Judges and Officials must wear supplied tournament attire during competition time.




MM 8.01: Team Representatives


Delete 8.01.


MM 8.02 Reride Criteria


As per Rule 8.02 plus


Tournament commitments will dictate that all re-rides will be at the final discretion of the Chief Judge


MM 8.03


When a skier is eliminated from any elimination or semifinal round, they cannot be included in any future round.


MM 10.08 Radio Communications

Radio communication with a competitor while skiing is allowed the only restriction is that the skier needs to clear that there is no interference with Official Radio communication skiers are required to clear their radio channels before the start of the event they will be used




Competition Area


As per Rule 12.01 plus


VWSA, Moomba Masters and the City of Melbourne shall have the exclusive right to permit, control or prohibit advertising material of any kind within the competition area, which includes but is not limited to signage, equipment, clothing and other property.





MOOMBA TIE RULE (if issue not addressed below then World Rules Prevail)

Preliminary Round: Ties to advance to Semi Finals will be determined based on Rolling Ranking List From IWWF dated 31st January if a skier is not on this ranking list there score is taken as zero

Semi Final Round: Ties to advance to Semi Finals will be determined based on:

  1. Preliminary round score;
  2. If a tie still exists the use of the Rolling Ranking List From IWWF dated 31st January if a skier is not on this ranking list there score is taken as zero



Final Placement:

  1. Ties for 1st place will be a run off as per IWWF Rules;
  2. Ties for 2nd and 3rd place will be determined based on:
  1. Semi Final round score;
  2. If still a tie, on preliminary round score;
  3. If still a tie, on the Rolling Ranking List From IWWF dated 31st January if a skier is not on this ranking list there score is taken as zero


Ties For Seeding in Semi-Finals & Finals shall follow above, however non-medal (4th thru last) skiers will be listed as tied in the scorebook,


Moomba Masters Rule and schedule changes 


The Moomba Masters Committee in consultation with the Chief Judge reserves the right to modify or change the schedule and rules when and where required due to safety, time, unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions. Note: Moomba Masters competition may not be able to comply with the conflict-of-interest rule in all events.




MM 13.01.1: General Jump Event Conditions for the Moomba Masters.


The skier will be allowed three jumps or passes or falls in each round.


MM 13.01.2 General Jump Event Conditions for the Moomba Masters Night Jump Competition.


As per 13.01 except the skiers will be entitled to the number of jumps (or passes or falls) noted in rule MM2.02 and the jump height will be 1.65m only, and the maximum speed of 57.





MM 13.02.2: Scoring jump the Moomba Masters Night Competition


Ist Round each competitor get 3 Jumps top 3 moves to 2nd round where each competitor gets 2 Jumps top 2 move to final round where each competitor gets 1 jump


The six finalists will be determined by the longest jumps of the first round of each night in the elimination rounds.




MM 14.07 General


As per rule 14.07, except add




A skier shall be judged as missing the entry or exit gate when the ski passes entirely and clearly outside the gate buoy.






Starting Speeds


Elimination Round


Women 55 kph 16.00 metre line, or at Chief Judge’s discretion.

Men 58 kph 14.25 metre line, or at Chief Judge’s discretion.




at Chief Judge’s discretion




Women 55kph 14.25m line, or at Chief Judge’s discretion.


Men 58kph 13m line, or at Chief Judge’s discretion.


Semi finals and finals at Chief Judges’s discretion.



There will be no Skier requested Video reviews for Entry Gates or Buoy count at Moomba Masters as per IWWF rule 14.11

The decision of the event Video gates and buoy count will be final







As per IWWF Rules except

There will be no Skier requested timing reviews allowed at Moomba Masters




MM 16.01: Moomba Masters Records


The Moomba Masters Committee shall recognise Moomba Masters Records for trick points, slalom performances and jump distances for the following divisions: –


Men’s Moomba Masters


Woman’s Moomba Masters


Boys Junior Moomba and Masters


Girls Junior Moomba and Masters







MM18 – Alcohol / drugs

Persons authorised by the Victorian Water Ski Association shall have the power to require any participant/s in the Moomba Masters International Invitational Championships to submit to a breath test analysis for the purposes of ascertaining the concentration of alcohol in that person’s blood by use of a breath analysis device approved for that purpose.


Any participant/ asked to undertake a breath test must record a blood alcohol level 0.00


No minor can be breath tested without the consent of his/her parent or guardian or without the approval and in the presence of the Chief Judge or he/her nominee.


Any participant/s refusing to undertake an authorised breath test or breath analysis shall be liable to immediate suspension.



MM 19 – Protests

To be lodged in writing by competitor (or parent/ guardian/ or carer, i.e for juniors under 18 years) in person to Chief   Judge   within 30minutes of posted results

As stated in Rules Mm15:12, mm14:11 there are no Video protests allow





Only official camera’s in boat or official shore camera’s during Moomba Masters Championships will be used in the review process if necessary.(  No phone camera allowed in boat/with release person)


Intimidation of Judges, Officials or volunteers, by any person will incur a fine or

Further penalties as deemed by the committee regarding the Moomba Masters Championships. The result of any outcome of this rule will be advised to Governing Bodies.


These rules supersede all previous editions.

Official Moomba Masters website: